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Who we are 

Our vision is to be a key enabler in Africa's transition towards a circular economy through unlocking access to sustainable living. We create access to sustainable choices therefore enabling a circular economy and rewarding consumers for responsible choices. 

What is 

Our ecoStore is a gateway to responsible consumption. Its the first eCommerce platform in Africa that aggregates only sustainable products, promoting locally made products and educating consumers on responsible choices. We bring sustainable products to your doorstep and reward you for being a responsible citizen. 

What category of products are allowed? 

Cosmetics, Furniture, Wellbeing, Healthy & Organic foods, Agri-products, kitchenware, Clean fuels, Circular Services and a lot more 

What are the benefits for vendors? 

More exposure to prime customers (those who understand the value of your products and services), more engaged and enlightened customers, increased accessibility to you products and more recognition. 

Onboarding process? 

  • Visit 
  • Signup as a vendor 
  • Our agent will get in touch with you to assist in activation and products upload. 
  • Your store goes live and receives orders globally