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CHAiNT Afrique Ghana Ltd is a Change, Innovation and Transformation HuB, that specializes in simplifying environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) for organisations, ensuring that they focus on material issues to innovate and achieve maximum returns from their sustainability investments.

We help communities and organisations integrate circularity into their business operations. We help Government, private sector and NGOs maximise their sustainability potential through strategic and relevant interventions that improve on their long term operational and financial performance. Understanding that access to finance is a key barrier to the offtake of ESG, we pride ourselves as the first Sustainability Services Company in the Region. We collaborate with key partners locally and internationally to unlock barriers to access to finance for those initiatives we identify locally. We will be successful when our stakeholders see value in improved performance.

Founded by Venan A. Sondo and Evelyn Agyekum, CHAiNT AFRIQUE started operations in 2018 after 14 years in sustainability consulting services. Venan returned to Ghana in 2013 after spending 17 years in Europe where he studied Environmental Sciences/Engineering in Germany and continued with Environmental Assessment and Management in Oxford Brookes University.


Encouraging and enabling businesses across Africa to transition towards more sustainable consumer choices by providing tech-enabled green solutions.


2030 Vision: Be a key enabler for Africa’s transformation towards a Circular Economy through innovations that make Sustainable Lifestyles accessible to all.


Our Core Values are modelled around LIRICS which defines our unique identity as a social enterprise for good:

Leadership:We demonstrate leadership in our approach to integrating ESG in core business environments and enabling alignment to circularity and SDGs.

Innovation:We are constantly at innovation a critical fabric of our DNA as a social enterprise. We encourage, reward and are emphatic in our pursuit for innovation considering critical to our systemic approach towards safeguarding the environment.

Respect:We emphasise on respect for one another as a key attribute to inclusivity. We value our differences as a critical characteristic to our uniqueness and diversity and allow others to express themselves in order to work together toward common goals for our growth and outcomes of engagement with our stakeholders. We also demonstrate high regard for clients, our partners and regulatory obligations.

Inclusion:We celebrate diversity and our differences as a company and ensure everyone is given the opportunity to contribute, participate and have a sense of belonging. This we extend to our clients, partners and communities we work in to ensure everyone has a voice and is given a chance to participate.

Collaboration:We co-create, ensuring that we leverage synergies and metabolism within industry sectors and communities for maximum impact. Openness to collaborate is our strongest asset because we value strength in togetherness.

Sustainability:We recognise the importance of safeguarding the environment. Our services are generally aligned to protecting and safeguarding the environment to secure its long-term generative capacity for future generations.


Venan A. Sondo

Venan A. Sondo is a Sustainability Expert with over 14 years of experience in managing environmental impacts and integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Factors in traditional business environments. He is a Senior Sustainable Business Consulting Professional and was a Chartered Environmentalist with the UK Society for Environment, and Full Member of the Institute for Environmental Sciences in the UK for 5 yrs until 2016. He holds a BSc in Environmental and Resource Management from the Brandenburg University of Science & Technology in Germany, and an MSc (with Distinction) from the Oxford Brookes University in the UK in Environmental Assessment & Management. Venan focuses on helping organisations realise value through embracing clean technology an eco-innovation. Over the years he has worked with regulators, private sector, NGOs and private sector, advising on ESG and policy interventions. He was instrumental in designing the sustainable banking principles in Ghana in close collaboration with the financial sector led by the Bank of Ghana.

Venan brings a unique insight on global trends in sustainable developments and how this can be applied locally. He currently advises PwC and the Bank of Ghana on Sustainable Banking Principles, collaborates with Nehlsen Waste Ghana under a partnership with CHAiNT Afrique for Sustainability Consulting, and also collaborates with Envirofit International to facilitate the dissemination of clean cook stoves across West Africa.


Evelyn Agyekum

Sustainability and Climate Change Associate with 5+ years of experience in research and consulting. Evelyn has profound interest in current global environmental, social and sustainability trends with a passion for green innovation, social development, renewable energy policies and women empowerment within the developing country context. She is strong in expressing my views with demonstrable good communication skills across the various conferences she has had the opportunity to facilitate. She is a strong team player and leader; and try to inspire and challenge others to achieve their potential. Evelyn is responsible for day to day operations at group level, coordinating research and delivery streams across consulting engagements.


Tania Aba Abdin
Operations Manager

Tania Aba Abdin holds a BA Hons degree in Economics and English from University of Ghana as well as a Masters in Public and Development Management (MM in P &DM) from Witswatersrand University, Johannesburg, South Africa. She has worked in Operations for more than 8 years as has experience in Projects and Business Development. She is driving the teams’ business development strategy and overall day to day operations across EcoRewards line of activities.

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