As part of our circular economy initiatives, CHAiNT Afrique is working with Maiden Environmental Services, based in Tema (Ghana) on a project for the safe and responsible collection of mobile phones for responsible recycling through Closing the Loop which is an innovative Social Enterprise based in the Netherlands.

Closing the Loop makes mobile phones waste-free by collecting end-of-life telephones in places where they can’t be recycled and then recycling them responsibly. Closing the Loop does this with local partners in order to empower local entrepreneurs and to create economic value. Watch out for more information as we launch our ‘Forest in the Drawer’ initiative for a circular economy.


CHAiNT Academy is the Foundation and/or non-profit organization of CHAiNT Afrique Limited.


The aim of the CHAINT ACADEMY is to promote circular economic thinking and Ghana, with the aim of making sustainable lifestyles inclusive and affordable to under privileged communities in Ghana and eventually across Africa.


The organisation has the following objectives:

  1. Promote circular thinking leveraging the EcoRewards Africa App in Ghana and eventually across Africa
  2. To educate households and communities about the circular economy, and work with other parties and industry to provide sustainable choices.
  3. To seek and promote, on a national level, the participation of the organisation;
  4. To raise public and political awareness on the circular economy and sustainability services especially for communities.
  5. To promote and present the interests of the organisation’s members to the notice of local administration and authorities, international organisations and other authorities;
  6. To raise funds by means of subscription of members or otherwise for all the purposes and objectives of the organisation in such amounts and in such manner as may be authorized by the Executive Committee.
  7. To form part of any national/international organisations whose aims are similar to that of the organization.
  8. To encourage and promote research on circular thinking especially alternatives to petroleum derived plastics.
  9. To do all that which is ancillary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.



In a collaboration with our Social Enterprise Foundation in partnership with CIYZOE Eco Group, we undertook a market sensitivity analysis in households in Madina, Greater Accra. The purpose of the research was to understand household perception about recycling in the Madina vicinity to inform the EcoRewards app development. The research focused on two areas, Libya Quarters and Madina Zongo.

The following information was sought from the selected households:

  • Knowledge of individual on waste sorting
  • People actively practicing segregation at source
  • Types of waste being sorted and preference to type sorted
  • Cost of waste disposal
  • Willingness to be engaged in sorting activities

A total of 18 Ciyzoe Eco Volunteers were engaged in this data collection activity. There was a minimum participation of 6 volunteers per day and a maximum of 12 volunteers per day.         123 households were interviewed out of which 79 were female respondents and 43, male respondents. 66 of the interviewed households had adequate information on source segregation of waste and 66 of them had practiced source segregation of waste at one point in time. Most of the households were segregating plastics from the normal stream of household waste. These households were either segregating for monetary gains (as people deal in the business of gathering plastic waste, specifically plastic sachets for selling) or gathering for friends and loved ones who sell them to recycling companies. Most of the households already had waste pickup services but were ready to sign up for the EcoReward app and services which would facilitate pick up of sorted waste and main stream household waste from the various households and offer reward packages for efforts in practicing sustainable living.

The downside however was the unwillingness on the part of households to make payments for the services through the application. Some people also were unwilling to practice source segregation due to irregularity or inability of waste pickup companies or individuals to pick up segregated waste after they have been packed over long periods.

The research revealed the interest of people to practice segregation of waste provided it came with benefits of any form. The EcoRewards Application is therefore a brilliant idea. It is a lasting solution to the waste management problems we face as a country.

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