CHAiNT Afrique wishes you a Merry Green Christmas and a blissful New Year.

You may or you may not know this: Christmas has some shocking environmental consequences that people fail to realize. It is the season filled with overexcitement, overconsumption and skyrocketed carbon emissions. For this reason, Christmas has been tagged as the season of waste and it is our responsibility to take actions to limit the impact of the festive season on our environment to prevent it from further deteriorating.

In what ways are our Christmas activities destructive to the environment? The purchase of endless gifts during Christmas with plastic packaging to show love leads to the generation of excessive amounts of waste that end up getting dumped in landfills (only 2% of our plastics in Ghana is recycled), polluting our water bodies or burnt consequently releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Due to the increase in demand for Christmas decorations, millions of trees are cut down to serve as Christmas trees in homes, shops, and offices, hence depleting their presence in the ecosystem. The more trees that are chopped down to serve as Christmas trees, the fewer trees we have in the ecosystem to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen for our respiratory needs.

The most used alternatives to the natural Christmas trees are plastic trees that are non-biodegradable and are dumped in landfills after use/burnt to release carbon emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect.

It is very possible to have a green and sustainable Christmas and CHAiNT Afrique is here to show you how. Firstly, by urging you to find environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic usage and give out eco-friendly gifts that do not harm our “Green Santa”, the environment. We refer to the environment as Green Santa because it has sustained human life since the beginning of time by providing us with the basic resources we need for survival (food, water, air, and shelter).

Instead of disposing of Christmas cards, they can be reused as tags for new presents or recycled into decorations and other useful products. Instead of using plastic wrappers for presents, standard printed papers can be used because they are recyclable. Instead of buying a new Christmas tree, plant one in your garden this Christmas and use it every year. If you get a plastic one keep it and re-use it for the rest of your life. Instead of buying plastics, choose plastic-free gifts. You can purchase gifts made from recycled materials and practice re-gifting where you give out previous gifts that you once received and are no longer useful to you.

With our flagship initiative which is a mobile app (EcoRewards), we are making sustainable lifestyle accessible to all by promoting eco-conscious behaviors among households and communities through the provision of educational content on environmental-related issues. EcoRewards aims at bringing the circular economy to life by eliminating waste through promoting sustainable choices, recycling and reuse to prolong the working life of products. This may not make a difference anyway but remember Green Santa is always there, 24/7, 365 days in the year and you can bet Green Santa will be around as long as you live. The question is do you want to receive presents everyday from Green Santa? Then act responsibly every day to protect the regenerative capacity of Green Santa so we can feel better within our environments every day.

Keep Green Santa in mind this festive season and hop on the EcoRewards platform. Download EcoRewards Beta from your App Store or Google Play Store, sign up and have a Merry Green Christmas!

We wish you a Green and Circular Christmas and may your choices make Green Santa smile at your every time you pop that present!

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