CHAiNT Afrique partnered with luxury home furnishing retailer, Casa Trasacco to organize a 6-day exhibition and the launch of the EcoRewards app. The exhibition was inspired by the concept of circular economy that encourages the closed-loop system of promoting waste elimination, encouraging the continual use of resources, employing reuse, sharing, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling.

The CirculArt exhibition opened on Friday, 18th October, 2019 at the Casa Trasacco store in Accra featuring art made from recycled and sustainable materials. There were 5 days of additional programming which ended on 23 October, 2019. It included a children’s eco-art session on Saturday, 19th October. On Sunday, 20th October, there was a screening of an environmental film titled “Closing the Loop”. Closing the Loop is the world’s first feature-length documentary film on the circular economy which was released on last year’s Earth Day, 22nd April. In support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (especially Goal 12 on Responsible Consumption and Production), the documentary explores five key strategies for achieving circularity – reduce, reuse, recycle, renew and reinvent– by showcasing examples from Europe, Latin America and Africa and featuring insights from experts drawn from World Economic Forum and the Universities of Cambridge and Harvard.

The fifth day of the exhibition (Tuesday, 22nd October) featured the CirculArt Artist Talk. All the artists who partook in the exhibition were present to talk about their craft and their role in promoting circular economy. The artists featured were Reneé C. Neblett of the Kokrobitey Institute IK Design, Ed-Franklin Gavua of the Voice of Waste Art Gallery, Atelier Boho by V., Nana Anoff of the Nanaoff gallery, Elle Lokko, Gallery Soview and Rufai Zakari of Rufaiart. The artists had an interaction section with the guests and they explained the concept behind each artwork exhibited.

The event ended with a panel discussion on Wednesday, 23rd October by stakeholders within the circular economy ecosystem and was moderated by Venan A. Sondo, Managing Director & Co-Founder of CHAiNT Afrique Ltd. It featured interactive discussions on five thematic areas around the circular economy.

About EcoRewards App:

The EcoRewards app will make it possible for tangible benefits to be claimed from positive actions for the environment. The system of giving monetary rewards to app users will drive participation as more households see the benefit of being a part of an ecosystem that conserves nature. EcoRewards will initially start with rewarding for proper disposal of waste and encouraging recycling by leveraging the mobile phone and internet penetration in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa.

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